A PPA is an agreement between a solar power developer and a business.  The business pays a lower amount for electricity that generates throughout the day. Once agreed, the solar developer will install a solar system on the rooftop of the business.  The agreement will last for 8-10 years during this period the business agrees to buy the generated electricity off the solar developer at a reduced rate of 13c/kw. The solar developer keeps the system maintained for the length of the agreement. When the agreement is complete, the business keeps the system with no extra costs.

Key Benefits:

  • No upfront costs
    The solar developer covers all costs involved with installing the solar power system.  Once installed, the business starts saving money on electricity bills.
  • Lower power bills
    Reduced to 13c/kw (on power generated)
  • No maintenance
    The solar developer looks after upkeep on the system for the life of the agreement.
  • Maintain current electricity provider
    No need to change electricity provider.  Can still receive bills in standard cycle
  • Set electricity costs for term of agreement
    Once the agreement is set the cost of electricity is 13c/kw(or similar) for the agreement term.  The only cost to go up is the  Consumer Price Index (CPI) which sits at 1-3% per annum.
  • Reduced risk
    The developer is liable for the systems performance.

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