Household Solar

At Green Energy Queensland Pty Ltd we only use Tier 1 products and CEC Accredited Designers and  Installers. All our products come with industry leading warranties to give you the customer peace of mind.

  • Our panel options include JA Solar, Trina Solar and Sunpower.
  • Our inverters options include SMA, Sungrow and Frontus
  • Our batteries options include LG Chem Lithium Battery and GEQ Lead Carbon battery.

Below is an example of the type of return you will get from having storage or just buying from the electricity grid.

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The below calculation works off the assumption that 20% of the household electricity is used during the daylight hours and 80% during the night time hours.The other assumption is that 85% of electricity is used at peak tariff (30c/kwh) and 15% during off peak tariff (12c/kwh). This household uses 20kwh on average per day.

Stay As is

Option 1

Option 2

Electricity Bill for Average 90 Day Quarter

Peak – 25kwh x 85% = 21.25kwh x 30c = $6.38 per day x 90 = $574.20

Off-Peak – 25kwh x 15% = 3.75kwh x 12c = $0.45 per day x 90 days = $40.50

Total Bill For Quarter = $614.70

Install Solar with No Storage Calculation

Used by house – 25kwh x 20% = 5kw x 30c = $1.50 x 90 days = $135.00

Sold to Grid – 25kwh x 80% = 20kw x 8c = $1.60 x 90 days = $144.00

Total Saving off Bill = $279.00

Shortfall = $614.70 – 279.00 = $335.70

Install Solar with Storage Calculation

Used by house – 25kwh x 20% = 5kw x 30c = $1.50 x 90 days = $135.00

Stored & Used by House – 25kwh x 80% = 20kw x 30c = $6 x 90 days = $540.00

Total Saving off Bill = $675.00

Shortfall = $614.70 – $675.00 = No Shortfall


  • Installed a 5kw Solar PV System and sold excess Electricity to the grid at 8c/kwh.
  • 20kwh generated from solar system each day.

  • Installed a 5kw system with 20kw battery storage with no excess electricity


* The above calculations do not take in individual circumstances and are only a guide based to help you understand your options.

** Please note there is still a daily charge from your energy provider that may not be eliminated through solar.

CEC Consumer Guide

It’s important you get the right information before choosing a solar PV system for your home or business. The first point of research should be the Clean Energy Council’s website ( as these guys are the governing body of renewable energy in Australia. Most of the information you find on this website, comes directly from their consumer guide which points out the difference between a good product / company and a bad product / company. Click here to go to the CEC Consumer Guide for Households.