There’s really no reason not to get them.

  1. Clean and free source of electricity from the sun
    Solar panels use energy from the sun which they then generate into electricity.
  2. Protect yourself against soaring electricity bills
    ACCC reports show that power prices have increased by over 60 per cent in the last 10 years. Even though they’ve eased off over the last 12 months, it is unlikely to remain this way.

    Graph from ACC
  3. Immediate savings on electricity bill
    How much do you currently spend on your energy bill? Next quarter it could be a fraction of that.
  4. Adds value to your property
    If you saw two similar properties, one had solar panels and the other didn’t, which one would you go for?  Solar panels provide ongoing financial benefits and are very low maintenance.  If you’re selling your house this could give you the competitive edge over your competition.
  5. Earn credit from your electricity provider
    Any electricity that you don’t use gets sold back to your energy retailer.  This will then show up as credit on your next bill.
  6. Solar Panels work on light, not heat.
    As long as there’s daylight the system will generate power.
  7. Minimal running costs
    Unlike other home improvements, solar panels are very low maintenance.  They run without a sound, have no moving parts and generate no waste.  Plus, they provide ongoing financial benefits.
  8. Create zero carbon emissions
    Thus reducing our carbon footprint. A solar power system can produce 8.5 tons of CO2 per household per year.  This equates to taking 3 cars off the road.
  9. Reduces dependencies on coal
    Allows for clean renewable energy for domestic power.
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