Save up-to 60% off your electricity bill when you convert to LED. Below are some key benefits;

  1. Immediate full brightness
    Instant brightness when you turn the switch on. Led has no warm-up time so full lights come on straight away. Perfect for turning lights on and off between matches or training sessions. Thus, saving costs on the electricity bill.
  2. Zero Maintenance
    The light bulbs last approximately 70,000 hours. No need to always having to change lightbulbs.
  3. Save over 60% on energy bills
    Conventional lighting much more energy compared to LED lighting.  Which then relates savings on the electricity bill.
  4. Spill Control
    Traditional lighting shows an array of uneven lighting.  Led lighting showcases a fine bright white light on the entire field, at an even intensity.  They resemble daylight, making it easier to enhance gameplay.
  5. 70,000 hour life expectancy
    If you do the math on many hours you use your lights, it’s pretty much a lifelong deal.
  6. IP66 for all weather conditions
    Meaning no water and dust in your lights.
  7. Industry leading COB LED chipsets
    The driver that powers the light are industry leading components.
  8. Many beam angles
    Each individual LED lights can be position differently, giving a better lighting result on the field.
  9. High lumen efficiency – up to 160 lumens per watt
    High lumen per watt means the brighter it is for the less electricity you will use.

Ask us about our complete off grid lighting system (no electricity bills ever).  Contact us here of call 0439 790 838

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